Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The Joy and Benefits of Putting Your Thoughts on Paper

Writing can be enjoyed just like any other hobby.  It can be used to express some feelings or just write down the random thoughts that are coming into the mind. For some individual and that includes well known writers, writing daily thoughts has become a source to get clarity in thinking and to filter thoughts.  It is said that just writing anything in the morning without thinking much about the topic and without stopping in writing clears the mind.  The famous example of this type of writing for clarity of thought comes from the former American president Ronald Reagan. He was voracious writer. He would writer on any issue, whenever he had time.  Even after becoming president his writing on issues continued. His writing was not for general public or readers. His writing was for himself. This was his idea of getting clarity on any issue. It would be debatable point to link his writing to the fact that he was one of the most successful presidents in post world war United States. But it can be proved that in old age, he kept in mind in good shape by writing his thoughts daily on several states and Government issues.

Every one of us is born with a different set of eyes to look at the world.  And all of us have the potential for creative thoughts. No same person can look at the issues from angle. One view will be completely different from others.  It is giving wings to different views that writing is encouraged and promoted as one of the most effective tools to sharpen the view point and observation. Through the personal writing one can easily discover his creative force. It is not necessary that we have to do some creative writing. As example of president Reagan explained, Plastic Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai writing on personal affairs or issues of daily life can be a good start. It will help the writer to have perspective on the issue, which he or she may not have. Because writing means putting a sentence at a time, and that means filtering some thoughts, which, you feel are no longer relevant. This clears the mind of doubts and leads to some conclusion.

The personal writing is not for sharing with others. This is your space and makes it as personal as possible so that you get relaxation and peace in the process.   As writing progress, the revelation will appear on the paper, the pattern of thoughts, reaction to certain situations, and feeling on certain topics or issues, will give new insight to the writer about himself or herself. This over time Metal Pen Manufacturers in Mumbai   can emerge as one of the powerful way to find answers to some personal questions.  The first thing which leads to writing could be a good pen, and sheets of paper.

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